Bull Market Leaders.

Bear Market Exits.

Our goal is to improve investment decision-making using AI and signal processing to identify trends in capital markets.

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WIZ Index

80% Equity 20% Bonds

Download Are You Ready for a Bear Market? (PDF) to learn how Merlyn.AI’s StormGuard™ and SwanGuard™ work to determine whether bull or bear market conditions are indicated.

Are You Ready for a Bear Market Cover

How Merlyn.AI drives
better decision-making

Our goal is to help investors make better decisions by:

Identifying Market Trends

Advanced momentum detection using AI technology and signal processing seeks to reduce market noise and identify market trends.

Mitigating Risk

Our proprietary software seeks to identify bear market exit conditions.

Eliminating Human Bias

Monthly momentum leader selections and market risk monitoring for bear market exits are automated to eliminate bias.